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Zu Fokus und Negation als Präsuppositionsauslöser
Am Beispiel tschechischer und deutscher Sätze

Andreas Späth

Comparing German and Czech examples, the present article discusses the notion of negation in prosodically unmarked sentences. The scope of negation coincides with the focus domain which marks the critical property of the sentence or the partiell answer, respectivelly. The critical property is part of both affirmative and negative sentences and is a sensitive property with respect to truth functional evaluation. The grammatical and particularly the semantic integration of this part of sentential meaning has to consider the interaction of lexical, prosodic and syntactic factors which are relevant for the compositionally semantic representation.

Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik. IX. JungslavistInnen-Treffen Halle a. d. Saale / Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2000. Hg. Thomas Daiber. München: Sagner 2002 (= Specimina Philologiae Slavicae 135), 215–234.