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Zur Grammatik des Negationsgenitivs im Russischen

Andreas Späth

Case alternation of accusative/nominative and genitive of negation results in different readings of the respective DP. The present article shows that the trigger of DP-interpretation is the position of the DP with respect to the scope of sentence negation. Gentives of negation are within the scope of the negation function as well as within the scope of the event statement of the sentence. This means that in sentences with genitives of negation, the concatenation of the DP with the expressed state of affairs is negated. The complex expression is not an instance of the given proposition. From this follows by inferential operations that there is no situation in which the referent of the DP is included and presupposed, respectively.

Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik. X. JungslavistInnen-Treffen Berlin 2001. Hg. Robert Hammel und Ljudmila Geist. München: Sagner 2003 (= Specimina Philologiae Slavicae 139), 206–222.